An office, whether it is home office or work office, not only serves as a place to do a business or side business but also provides a place for filing and doing office tasks and assignments. However, decorating a small office properly and giving it the right look can be a challenge.

A number of ways can be used to implement office supplies into the office decoration. This office décor will be both functional and appealing. Selecting office supplies with designs and patterns adds value to a creative space. In addition, you can promote recycling and contribute to a greener office space by decorating your office with used office objects such as short pencils, old wooden rulers, and half erasers.

Here are some great ideas to decorate your small office with office supplies.

1.      Clean your office walls by removing excess debris and dirt with a wet, clean cloth and let them dry. Now apply two rich coats of chalk paint and let it dry. Leaving one area of the wall blank, create a border on the chalk paint with a colored chalk. You can use various colored chalks to write inspirational words, poems, and drawings. Using different colored chalks will help you in creating a decorative effect.

2.      Have a tack board and white board, and hang to the wall close by the working desk. Create separation and designate sections on the white board by drawing borders in different colors. This will serve as a place to write down notes, reminders and phone numbers. Also, add contact information, to-do lists, and important bill reminders to the white board.

3.      Use pencils, erasers and rulers to decorate the cork board. You can use hot glue to affix them. This will add flair and style to your office. Moreover, adding the pictures from old daily picture calendars will aid in decorating the board. You can also differentiate notes and important receipts by using colored tacks.

4.      To provide height to the office equipments such as computer monitor, printer or telephone, use layer stacks of unopened copy papers underneath them.

5.      Create a collage on the outside of an old pencil holder by applying pieces of broken or worn-out erasers and small pencils. Make a tissue holder by gluing the broken rulers to the cardboard on the tissue box.

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