Small Office Decorating Ideas

When establishing an office at home or a small office anywhere else, decorating it may be your foremost priority. Office should be decorated in such a way that not only it looks nice but also makes it a great place to work.

Here are some ideas for decorating a small office:


Avoid using dark colors for the walls as this will make your office look even smaller than it really is. Consider using light colors such as pale blue, pale green, beige, and bluish grey. You can also use photographs, paintings, or murals to decorate the walls. Don’t overdo it as this will only make the walls appear crowded. Another good idea is to get a wall mural painted to decorate the office. Also, it is advisable to use only one section of the wall to hang up framed certificates, licenses, etc.


Avoid using large desks and huge book shelves that suite best in an executive office. For a small office, select desks with shelves and cubbies, as this will give you an additional storage space. You can also use a medium sized shelf in one side of the office to keep reference books and even other books that you love reading them.

It looks totally unprofessional to select furniture randomly for an office. Therefore, ensure that the selected furniture matches each other and also the décor of the office. Moreover, keeping the furniture away from the door gives an impression of space.

Lamps and Lighting:

In a small office, dim and poor lighting makes it extremely terrible. Use fluorescent lights or simple chandeliers, and avoid using floor lamps or lamp stands because they require more space.

It is advisable to select a room for an office that has a big window so that plenty of sunlight can enter in it. Also, seating positions should be in such a way that glare from the windows does not reflect on the computer screen.

Other accessories:

In addition to above, you can also display your family photos on the wall or on your desk. Setting a bulletin board and pinning up pictures of your family or your attempts at photography or your own hand-made art is another good idea.

You can purchase some inexpensive knick-knacks to decorate in your small office. Also, placing a vase of flowers or a small potted plant makes a small office space more appealing and attractive.

Remember that when decorating your office, never plan for anything clumsy as it will only make your small office look even smaller.

Your working environment affects your concentration and your work quality. Therefore, using these ideas to decorate your office will surely help you in the best possible way.

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