Office Reception Decorating Ideas

An office reception plays a very important role in any office as this is a place where the customers and the clients come in at first. It makes the very first impression with them. The way the office reception is decorated and managed can even influence major decisions of business such as whether you would be able to get the contract or not with the new client.

There is no doubt that the first impression really counts and a good first impression is in fact half the job done. Some of the useful reception decorating ideas that can contribute positively to the success of your business are as follows:

1). The office reception must be well lit as lighting plays a very vital role in creating the right ambience. The lighting in the reception should be in accordance with the practical needs.

2). There should be enough seating arrangement in the reception. It is also important to keep both the aesthetic and utility aspects in mind while decorating the reception.

3). The furniture placed in the reception should be comfortable and attractive. Today, a number of modern furniture materials are available ranging from steel to glass. The sofas should be easy and comfortable. Also, you can even place a coffee table and put some magazines on it so that the clients could read them while waiting.

4). A good way to decorate the reception walls is to place paintings or other wall hangings. You can also consider placing some pieces of artwork or some inspirational words to decorate the walls.

5). The reception table should always be neat, clean, and well-organized. In addition, the cabinets, drawers and all should be appropriately organized.

6). The reception should be neat and organized in order to give it a professional and welcoming look.

7). Adding fresh cut flowers or a bouquet to the reception can also beautify the entire place. Flowers are known to bring a vivacious fresh look that makes the whole place come alive. There are some offices that even place small indoor water fountains to add to the beauty of their reception.

8). Stationery such as paper, pen, and ball points should also be easily available in case the client does need it.

The reception serves as the gateway to your office and it is important to project a good and professional look so that your client not only takes you seriously but also impressed with your office. Moreover, the staff at the reception should also be well qualified and professional enough to provide the required information and guide the customer properly.

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