Nowadays, a home office has become a necessity in order to pay the household bills and working on things that have been taken home from the office. However, this cannot be the reason for the room to be dull and boring. Following are some home office decorating ideas that will put some liveliness in your home office.

Spice it up with color

Sitting in a white room is quite boring, even if you are in there to pay bills or work; therefore, putting some bold splashes of color in the room will liven it up. Begin with the walls and feel free to use something bright. Select two complementary colors and use one for your major items such as floors and walls and the other for accessories such as pillows and desk items like pencil holders, and in baskets. Consider selecting other objects like artwork that will surely pull the two colors together.

A tropical vacation

One great home office decorating idea is to give it a tropical theme. This will make you feel like you are on vacation even when you are working. Use plants to give the room a lush tropical feel. You can use bright colors such as sky blue or yellow on the walls and can have bright fabrics for your guest chairs and pillows. Consider putting up palm tree and beach prints or paintings on the walls. Also, keep your desk accessories in tropical colors.

Go on safari

You can have an adventure in your home office by giving it a safari theme. Place in lots of plants, particularly the large floor plants, and paint the walls a rich golden tan or wallpaper with bamboo wallpaper. For a rich look, you can use a dark mahogany desk. Moreover, you can also use a zebra or tiger striped rug in your home office. Ensure to use wastebasket, lamps, pencil holders and wall art that show the safari theme. Use items that have elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and the like on them to get a finishing look.

Get a skyline view

If you want an office with a view, you can have one in your own home by installing a wall mural that has a skyline view of any city you select. It is quite easy to put up these murals since they come in two or three sheets, and are quite similar to the wallpaper. This will completely transform your room where you can sit at your desk and feel like you are in mahogany row on the top floor of a skyscraper.

Add an art collection

You can add an art collection to the boring walls of your office. Put up a number of paintings or photographs spaced evenly on the walls much like a gallery. It is not only a great place to show off your collection but also will give you added incentive to go into your home office.

It is not necessary to have elaborated home office decorating ideas. You just need to make simple changes in your office to make it a more pleasant place to be. Also, it is fun to decorate your home office in your own unique style.

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