Cubicle Decorations

Cubicle decorations need not to be very complicated and costly. In fact, limiting cubicle décor will make it quite easier to get some work done and to keep you from your annoying colleagues.

Here are a few cubicle decoration tips that will surely help you in decorating your cubicle.

The holiday zone:

Select a defined area anywhere on one of the walls of your cubicle and assign this area as the holiday zone. This is the area where you can do holiday decoration. You can pin up cards or other pictures in this area in order to highlight the suitable holiday ambiance.


Select your favorite vertical or horizontal line and highlight it with a slim string of lights in a seasonally-matching color. For instance, you can opt for red from December through February, green in March and April, pink in May and June, blue in July and August, and orange for September through November.

The top wall edge:

You can decorate all along the top edge of your cubicle walls with different decorating things such as lights, bunting, garlands, steamers, and even some plants. This is the best way to decorate the perimeter of a cubicle.


In an office, magnet and pin-back button collectibles are perfect for filing cabinets and fabric cubicle walls. This is the perfect place for those who love quotes and who love to collect small decorative items. You are limited by your cabinet space with magnets, whereas all your spare cube wall space will do for buttons.

Using these tips and ideas will surely help you in making your cubicle neat, attractive, and well decorated.

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