Decorating bookshelf is an easy way to decorate your room. It is quite interesting to add style to your room by turning your bookshelf into a unique and creative display.

Following are some of the unique bookshelf decoration ideas that you can use in order to decorate your room in a unique way.

Keep like objects together:

Arranging books and home décor to be near other objects of the same color, size, and style will give your room a completely new and stylish look. Arranging books by color is an excellent idea to create a beautiful accent, whereas placing vases and other accent pieces next to comparable objects illustrates a purposeful intention to create a stylish effect. This will make the arrangement look less cluttered. For example, if you have a set of two matching vases, you can place the larger on the end of one shelf, and lay a book next to it and center the smaller vase on top. This will give your bookshelf a distinctive and interesting look.

Personalize with photographs and collectibles:

Bookshelves can be a perfect place to showcase items other than books. They can be used to creatively display your family photos or treasured collection. If you want to place picture frames on your shelves, it is important to use all of the same color or finish, even if the sizes and styles differ. This is because matching up the color of the frames draws attention to the photos within instead of the frames themselves. You can protect all of your collectibles from dust by using a bookshelf with glass doors.

Hide clutter:

Another great and easy idea is to both decorate a bookcase and create hidden storage. This can be done by locating wicker or fabric baskets of the same depth as the bookcase’s shelves. You can also add labels to the front of the basket for increased organization. Or you can simply use a bookshelf with wooden doors so that you can keep your belongings neatly out of sight.

Add accent lighting:

One great idea is to attach battery-operated click lights to the underside of a shelf in order to provide light for items below as light shining down upon glass items creates a dramatic effect.

Out with the old:

Always keep your display updated by clearing away books and other items you no longer use or have sentimental attachment for. An uncluttered bookcase is a great way to give importance to the items you care about most. Moreover, you can add a new vase or home accent to refresh the style of your décor from time to time.

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