Before selecting a birdbath for any garden, it is imperative to know how many different types of birdbaths are available. Birdbaths come in many different designs, sizes, and decorative styles, which provide a wide range of choice for every birder’s garden.

Basic birdbath designs

A number of basic types of birdbaths are available in a wide range of styles. They are as follows:

Ground birdbath:

The simplest model of birdbaths is a ground birdbath that is basically just a basin that rests on the ground. This type of birdbath can easily be created from shallow dishes or by using more intricate models with dipper or fountain accessories.

Ground birdbaths are necessary in order to provide water to large birds, e.g. ducks and quails, and also numerous smaller birds will visit lower baths.

Pedestal birdbath:

This type of birdbath has an elevated basin however the entire bath stands on the ground. Although they can be bulky yet they can be easily assembled and installed in less time. Pedestal birdbath models are the most popular among all other types of birdbaths; therefore, they come in the widest range of design styles.

Heated birdbath:

A number of birders in cooler climates decide on heated birdbaths. Generally, birds use caloric energy to convert snow and ice to water, however if they are provided with liquid water then they can use that energy for heat and survival during cold winters. Heated birdbaths do not produce warm water, but usually keep it from completely freezing. Moreover, heated birdbaths also come in sophisticated models that include thermostats for energy efficiency and regulated use.

Hanging birdbath:

It is a shallow basin perched from a cord or chain that is meant to be hung from a gutter, tree branch, or garden hook. This type of birdbaths are usually less costly than pedestal birdbaths, however they have a smaller capacity and also come in fewer designs.

Fountain birdbath:

This type of birdbath features moving water as well as a shallow drinking or bathing basin. The moving water can be a spray, bubbler, or gravity-powered dripping fountain. Fountain birdbaths are perfect choice for attracting birds with water as the sound of the water and the movement makes the birdbath more conspicuous.

Solar birdbath:

This type of birdbath has built in solar panels, which provide energy either for heating the water or to add movement through a bubbler or fountain. If desired, the solar panels can be removed in some models. Although these birdbaths are costly however they can be dynamic additions to a garden.

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