Small Space Decoration Ideas

If you live in small apartments, condos, and small spaces then you may be wishing for a little more elbowroom. However, larger rooms are not really necessary to make a space cozy. You can turn your cramped quarters into a comfortable, lovely complement to your style with a few of the following decorating tips.

Use darker hues and the right lighting:

One of the most common decorating tips is to avoid using dark colors in a small room.

Although this is a good advice, however it is not always the case. You can make a darker-hued wall color open a space up by using the right lighting.

Turn a dark colored tight space into a comfortable, welcoming nook by grouping dramatic lighting and soft upholstery in it. For small spaces, dramatic wall lighting is a perfect choice as it creates a unique lighting effect, visually expanding the room with ambient light. Consider using a wall sconce with a light colored glass, or another wall fixture that sheds light upwards for the same effect.

Use the right furniture:

The eye travels more quickly through a small space than the large one, therefore it is imperative to interrupt its move

ment as little as possible. For this, you need to remove obstacles in the room. Instead of many small pieces that might cause a cluttered effect, it is better to go for larger, fewer pieces of furniture. Remember the rule, the farther the eye can see the room, the better.

Use of armless accent chairs, low benches and ottomans are perfect for opening up a small space. Select double-duty pieces of furniture such as storage benches whenever possible as they look stylish as well as are great for tucking away items.

It is also important to open up areas of the floor, therefore avoid blocking windows and doors when placing furniture. Select light, airy colors and fabrics for the furniture pieces that will appear to push walls back. Consider butter yellows, soothing tone-on-tones, and pale greens and blues.

When selecting a floor covering, try to find an area rug in either a solid color or with a light patterned. Moreover, ensure that the rug is small enough to be a fair distance away from each wall. The space between the edge of the rug and the edge of the wall will make the room seem larger to the eye.

When looking for custom framed art for a small space, one large print is far better than a number of smaller prints. Another perfect piece of wall décor is a large wall mirror as mirrors reflect more natural light and seem to enlarge the room.

Avoid clutter:

In small living spaces, it is important to avoid clutter at all costs. However, getting rid of stuff to accommodate a small room seems to be quite a difficult task. This can be done by finding great storage solutions.

To tackle clutter, first tuck away items that do not make sense in the living space. For instance, you can hide extra throws and pillows during the warmer months inside the storage ottomans.

The most significant tip when decorating a small living space is to envisage what works best for your home. However, while decorating, try to make you room not only beautiful but also functional.

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