Small Home Office Décor

Today, home office becomes an essential part of any house. However, it required special attention and creativity to decorate it. Among different decoration aspects, the use of colors in the small home office is the most important one.

The use of appropriate color in your home office is very important in its functionality as your entire mood depends on the way you decorate your home office. Before selecting a wall color for your small home office, you need to consider certain things such as whether you will be seeing clients in your home office, or you want your home office to be warm and inviting.

When choosing the wall color for your home office, it is important to keep in mind that some colors can make it look even more curbed and congested.

Choosing an appropriate color for the small home office can lighten the mood and improve productivity in the home office. Following are the dilapidated of colors on the color wheel and their affects on the mood.

Warm colors

Any space can be given a warm, welcoming feel by using reds, yellows, and oranges. These colors are energizing and may help to stimulate your imagination and creativity. However, remember that avoid choosing warm, muted tones over bright, bold colors because they are quite disturbing and may not be favorable for productivity.

Cool colors

A relaxing and calming affect can be achieved by using greens, blues, and purples. Those who are easily stimulated can choose a cool wall color to help them relax and tackle business assignment.


If your small home office is open to other rooms within the house, then it is a perfect idea to use earth tones such as charcoal, ochre, sienna, and umber. These neutral colors would blend perfectly with other surrounding color choices. Neutral colors are not distracting as well as help in keeping the concentration on the business at hand.


White color tones are best for giving your small home office an open roomy feel. However, avoid using too much white as it can be straining on the eyes. For this, it is a good idea to use another wall color, having white as an accent color or for trim and moldings to have a crisp, clean look.

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