Rental Decorating Ideas

You may have faced some decorating problems if you live in a rental space. While wanting to make your rental a home, it becomes very difficult to paint or completely change your space. Moreover, if you live in a rental apartment, the whole building may be insipid and uninspiring. However, you can alter your rental space into a home by doing various things. All you need to do is to be creative and search for solutions that can turn your rental space into an attractive one. Following are some useful ideas to help you out.

Statement piece:

Select a statement piece for your rental space in order to divert attention from white walls or dull rooms. A statement piece may be any item, e.g. a sofa, a chair, or a piece of art. The piece is the one you are using to draw inspiration from. A sofa, in a bold color, is a perfect statement piece. You can also easily move it with you if you change residences.

A statement piece must be something that can be noticed as you walk into the room. Therefore, any piece of bold artwork, like a painting, is also a good choice as a statement piece. You need to select items with bright colors that can attract the immediate attention. Place something above a fireplace or on a wall to make it beautiful.


Consider using fabric to personalize your rental. You can use it in a number of ways as it is quite versatile. Use sumptuous fabrics with throw pillows and even as wall hangings. You can also use fabric to create window coverings and wall hangings. If you want to give a glamorous look to your decoration then it is a good idea to use fabrics such as silk and satin. You can use fun patterns such as black and white damask, or blue and white stripes. Using fabrics is an inexpensive solution to personalizing a rental space.

Wall decals:

Wall decals are best for those renters who do not want to paint. Moreover, they are quite inexpensive. Wall decals range from quotes to pictures of different living things. However, before buying them, ensure to buy those ones that are easy to remove. If not, minor paint damage could be done while removing them.

Throw rugs on floor:

It is a perfect idea to throw rugs in a rental because these rugs are not only decorative but also functional. Mostly, many renters face the problem of outdated and old flooring. Throwing rugs can be helpful in disguising the flooring and also in creating a cozy and warm environment. Select rugs that can be used with several different types of decoration. In addition, Flokati rugs are very fluffy and are available in many colors.

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