Bathroom is one of the most essential rooms of the home; however, when it comes to interior decoration, the house owners usually pay a least attention to this room of home. Properly decorating bathroom can help in making this space part of rest of your home.

Decorating a small bathroom is as tricky as the larger ones. Here are some ideas to help you out in making a small bathroom feel larger.

Bathroom wall mirrors:

Bathroom mirrors are considered as an important element of the well decorated small bathroom. Apart from their functional use in the bathroom, wall mirrors aid in making a room seem brighter by reflecting existing light. Moreover, they also create the illusion of extra space by visually replicating the room.

Using a beautiful over-sized vanity mirror can make even the smallest bathroom feel deluxe. Whereas, a prominent vanity mirror can create a much-required reflective light source in a bathroom with no windows. In addition, placing multiple decorative mirrors on opposite walls create a fascinating illusion of depth.

Recessed and diffused lighting:

You can make small bathroom seem larger and welcoming by adding plenty of warm, diffused bright lights. Some of the perfect options for increasing the amount of light in the bathroom are recessed lighting, sleek vanity light fixtures, and small hanging ceiling bathroom light fixtures. Consider incorporating multiple light sources in various places around the bathroom to banish dark shadows and create a mild, gratifying all-around glow.

Organizing tight spaces:

It is very important to keep clutter under control in the smaller your smaller bathroom. For this, you need to choose bathroom furniture and bath accessories that can help in optimizing the space.

First, you need to measure your bathroom carefully in order to find out precisely how much space you have available for shelves and cabinets. Then, choose space-saving storage solutions that can aid in maximizing the storage room you do have.

You can also utilize empty wall space in the bathroom by adding bathroom wall cabinets. Take advantage of unused vertical space with over-the-toilet space savers or tall floor cabinets. Or you can also change an empty corner into a suitable storage nook with inconspicuous corner cabinets. Moreover, adding a tilt-out hamper can help in adding much-needed flat surface space.

Add a dash of drama:

Although large pieces of furniture or too many bathroom accessories can quickly overwhelm a small room, however you can add a little drama to your small bathroom’s decoration with a single bold focal point. Items such as a unique hanging chandelier, an elegant sink cabinet, or a striking over-sized framed vanity mirror can be useful in adding dash of surprising glamour to complete your bathroom décor.

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