Many people prefer to have large living rooms; however they mostly tend to have a cold spacious appearance. To make large room feel warm, inviting and cozy, here are some tips that you can use to break up a large space to make it feel a bit more personal.

Place furniture in groupings:

An easy way to decorate large room is to group furnishings in different areas for different purposes. You can place your sofa, loveseat, tables, and recliner in a small grouping around an area rug to make a wonderful conversation area when guests visit.

It is important not to place the furniture against the wall. Add another area for enjoying a good book. For this, select another location in the room to place a rocking chair or recliner with a small table and lamp.

If you still have an empty space in the room, you can place an additional sofa and television, stereo and game station to make an entertainment area. Likewise, you can create areas for specific activities in order to break the room up into smaller spaces.

Use suitable paint or wallpaper:

Use dark colored paint for high ceilings and a very large room. This will help in drawing the room in. Moreover, use of boldly patterned wallpaper containing dark shades is also a good option for large rooms.

Avoid mirror decorations:

Mirrors are mostly used to make rooms look larger, particularly when they reflect light from windows or other light sources. If you really want to use a mirror, it is appropriate to hang it where it reflects a favorite décor or accent piece.

Add large numbers of accessories:

Add large numbers of accessories, such as pottery, baskets, plants and bookshelves, to scale a room down. Use of small to medium size accents helps decrease the look of a large room. It will also balance bigger items like furniture. Place a potted tree in one corner of the room so that the scale of a high ceiling can be matched.

Use large furniture:

Large furniture is perfect for large rooms. Try to use fabrics that give heavy look such as tapestries, and keep the colors dark. You can also select dark colored wooden furniture to visually reduce the size of the room. Never use glass topped tables in large rooms.

Use these five great ways to give your large room warm and welcoming appearance.

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