Kitchen Decoration and Design Styles

Planning your kitchen needs some design inspirations. Selecting a style can help in making many of your selections as you would know that what suites in that specific design style. Stuff like architectural details, color, and décor can be found in details for each design style.

Here are some design styles and some of their features that you may consider in planning your kitchen.


An attractive design element that complements the gray tones and pewter hardware is stainless steel. If you want to match your countertop with wall color, you can paint steel countertop support brackets in the off-white and neutral colors.

Moreover, color accents in grayed tones or sun-baked colors with predominately white, off-white or neutral based colors look great. Surface selections that are most appropriate are ceramic tile, soapstone, slate, and wood in a matte finish with a natural and heavy look. Among hardware choices, you can use pewter, rustic metals, wood, and wrought iron. In addition, wood finishes in pine, oak, and walnut are the most popular wood types for these styles.

Missions/Arts and crafts:

This style basically provides metal finishes. Any solid built, metal bracket can be used to provide a beautiful support for your countertop. In this style, you need to go for warm colors, such as soft green, golden yellow, natural dyes, and earth tones.

Among surface selections, natural stone, multi-colored porcelain pottery, and the matte finish of rough earthenware materials are perfect choices. Any brushed finish or metal, except brass will work well with this design. Items constructed of oak are mainly used in mission inspired designs, whereas objects constructed of cherry are often used in arts and crafts designs.

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