Kitchen Decor

Kitchen is the most frequently used place where the whole family gathers at least once in a day. Therefore, it is important to design it in such a way that it not only looks good but also stylish.

When it comes to kitchen designs, you have a number of choices. But here, only two unique design styles are briefly explained that will surely make your kitchen beautiful and appealing.

Tuscan / Mediterranean:

This design style has arched openings and heavily plastered. This style of kitchens usually has oversized rooms along with brightly painted tile murals. Also, it has dark wood balanced with soft edged stone surfaces that help define this style. Hidden brackets are mostly used for counter over hangs. Use olive green and terra cotta colors to give a definite Italian feel. You can also opt for warm colors in oranges, yellows, and reds balanced by greens and blues. The appropriate materials that can be used in this style are granite with an active pattern and other rustic patterned surface.

Though Italian environments support very well the use of metallic surfaces beyond hardware, however in some cases, rustic metals and crackled finishes on porcelain are excellent choices. Moreover, you can also use heavy woods with strong grain in this setting.

American Shaker:

This kitchen design style defines a beautifully executed woodworking style that is simple in detail. Generally, the Shaker’s houses had multipurpose rooms and they hung chairs on pegs along the outer walls so that floor space was available for other activities. This type of style provides itself appealing wood décor. In this style, a strong metal L bracket with a wood façade is used that provides the firm strength of steel with the beautiful wood look.

Colors that you can use in this style range from pinky tones and terra cotta earth shades, through yellow ochre and olive green, to greenish blues and denim. For surface finishes, limestone, granite, slate and square-edged solid surfaces are all appropriate. The most authentic in place of hardware are wood pegs. You can also opt for simple metal or hand-forged finishes. Maple and cherry are predominate wood choices. Also, use warm or medium range wood tones for this style.

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