Ideas for Decorating Basements with Low Ceilings

The height of the ceiling plays a major part in deciding how to decorate your basement, especially if your basement has exceptionally low ceilings. Decorating basements with low ceilings can be a tricky task because mishandling the whole decoration will end up the basement feeling like a cave. However, there are a number of things you can do to open up your basement space that are discussed as under:

Make the space lighter and brighter to give your basement a larger look. You can use light colors on walls and ceilings, table and floor lamps to brighten the basement up.

Using wall sconces correctly can make a big difference. They should be hung quite high to project their light onto the ceiling and open the space. The good thing about wall sconces is that they shine upwards. Placing them too low will end up shining up into your eyes. Hence, if your ceilings are high enough, always place the wall sconces above eye level. If not, it’s better not to use the sconces and go with alternative lighting.

Remember that you should not use fluorescent lighting in basements with low ceilings as this will make your basement seem smaller, dimmer, and more like a cave. Similarly, recessed ceiling lights also make the space feel smaller.

Decorate your basement in any way that will open up space in order to make it seem larger and brighter. For instance, keep furniture placed around the perimeter of the room, leaving the center open will appear larger. Also, in recreation rooms, place furniture in small groupings in the corners. Any setting with the center of the room open will give the feeling of a larger room.

Use light colors for walls as darker paint colors will not work in a basement with a low ceiling. These darker colors will only make the area seem smaller and more cramped. For window treatments, consider leaving as much of the windows uncovered as possible. This will help in letting more light to come into the space. Consider tie-back drapes or a valance across the top, depending on the type of windows you have. If you need more privacy, you can always install mini blinds.

Use mirrors to make small spaces seem larger. The appearance of the room can be open up by using mirrors on walls. Placing mirrors on the walls opposite each other will detract from the ceiling and make the room look larger.

Never hang anything from the ceiling, as this will only draw attention to the ceiling and make it look even lower than it is. This will also add to the appearance of the confined feeling of the room. Always use floor lamps and table lamps in light colors to lighten up the space. However, avoid hanging ceiling lights on a low ceiling basement.

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