How to Make Decorative Ceramic Fountain

Ceramic fountain is the perfect item for decorating your garden or lawn. They not only look beautiful among different kinds of plants but also provide you a fresh and cool environment.

Although there are numerous types of ceramic fountains are available, however, they could be quite expensive. By using your creativity, you can make your own decorative ceramic fountain to adorn your garden or lawn.

Here is the simple and easy way to make ceramic fountain at home.

You will need:

1 glazed 4-inch flowerpot

1 glazed 6-inch flowerpot

1 glazed 10-inch bowl flowerpot

Submersible pump

Plastic tubing

Polished decorative river stones


The procedure of making decorative ceramic fountains with the help of above mentioned items is as follows:

1). First, you need to take the bowl planter and after placing it where you want your fountain to stand, place the pump in the bottom of the bowl.

2). Now cut a munificent length of the plastic tubing and attach one end to the pump. This tube will let the water to be directed to the top of the fountain.

3). Place the medium-sized flowerpot over the pump, ensuring the power cord runs beneath the rim of the pot and out of the bowl. You need to be sure to thread the plastic tubing through the pot via the drain hole.

4). Put the smallest flower pot on top of the second pot in such a way that both the bottoms become attached to each other, again threading the tubing through the drain hole.

5). After that, you can fill the bowl with the polished stones to your predilection. You need to fill the top pot with stones and place them around the tube. Spruce the tube down to the level of the top rim.

6). Finally, after filling the bowl with water, plug in and turn on the pump. Your ceramic fountain is ready.

Additional tips:

Keeping the water and pump of the fountain clean is important for the longevity of the fountain. You can also use distilled water in order to avoid constantly cleaning the fountain that will also reduce the problems such as algae and clouding.

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