Easy Ways to Decorate a Wall for an Appealing Room

A wall can be resembled to a blank canvas, on which you can use anything in order to make it an eye catching accent. Following are few easy ways to decorate a wall that will make the whole room look fantastic and appealing.

Create an accent wall with paint

Painting a wall in a bold color or an eye catching shade is a great way to decorate it. You can select fun colors such as raspberry, fire engine red, or hunter green, whatever catches your fantasy. However, ensure to consider the room furnishings and adjacent wall colors in order to select a color that complements the rest of the room decoration.

Use accents

A stylish touch to a room can be given by adding wall decals and stickers. You can either arrange them in small to medium sized groupings across the wall for pops of color, or you can use wall lettering in order to add your favorite quote to your wall.

Add shelves

You can hang display shelves in a number of ways. They can either be arranged one on top of the other or lurched down the length of the wall. Use of a single long shelf along the top of the wall can also be appealing. You can use shelves for showcasing your collectibles, vases, books, and other favorites.

Make a picture wall of family photos

Look at your photo albums and pick some photos of holiday gatherings, family reunions, graduations, weddings and even the family pet. Mix up the photos sizes still unifying the grouping with matching frame colors. You can reminisce in style with your very own memory wall.

Use wallpaper murals

Wall murals come in a number of designs and colors ranging from colorful flower gardens to tropical beaches, to sophisticated city skylines and many more. You just need to find a wall mural image you love to change the look of the entire room. You can even go for something totally unique by using your own digital photograph to create a custom wall mural.

Follow these wall decorating tips to dress up a single wall in a room. A number of great options for wall décor are available today. You can easily create the room that you have always dreamed of by using these options.

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