When going to move out to school, it is important to select dorm room decorative items in order to add both appeal and comfort to the room. However, it is entirely up to you how you decorate it. You can make a tiny dorm room feel homey and alluring by making it comfortable as decorating your dorm with comfort in mind is a great starting point.

Following are some of the most important comfort items that can be added to your dorm décor, providing you a welcoming home, away from your home.

1). Big rug:

Placing a big rug will not only soften the look and feel of hard institutional flooring but also make it more inviting to relax or exercise on the floor.

2). Featherbed mattress topper:

The comfort of a dorm bed can be improved by using a featherbed mattress topper or mattress pad as they are quite fluffy and comfy, and are easily available in either fiberfill or feathers.

3). Good lighting:

Consider having focused task lighting at the desk, near the bed, and by a chair so that you can work and read anywhere.

4). Closet accessories:

Closet accessories are used to solve storage problems in small living spaces. First, you need to evaluate your space, then select from over-the-door shoe racks, belt and tie holders, peg racks, and hanging shelves to put in order your clothes and accessories.

5). Filling space:

You can use a file crate or full-size cabinet to organize your schoolwork, insurance papers, pay stubs, scholarship applications, tax info, letters from home and more.

6). Wall décor:

Give a touch of home to your dorm room by decorating walls nicely. You can use artwork to highlight your room theme or show up special interests. Hang favorite photos, posters, charts, or anything that feels like ‘home’ to you.

7). Full length mirror:

Another great convenience is a full length mirror as you can use it to check your outfit. Decorate the edges of the mirror with photos, tickets, and memorabilia.

8). Handled laundry and shower totes:

These totes are used to organize and carry just about each and everything. Use the big one on the floor of the closet to collect laundry, and another one to hold bathroom supplies.

Adding these simple but comfortable dorm décor items will make your dorm room a special place where you won’t miss your home much.

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