Sometimes, shopping for wall art and décor becomes fairly difficult and challenging because of the numerous options to choose from. There is a wide variety of wall art that includes wall paint, mirrors, murals, paintings, wall sculpture art, wallpaper, appliqués, wall furniture, borders, and many others. All of them come in different genres, styles, art movements and materials, making the whole purchasing process much more complex.

Here is some useful information about the different categorizations of wall art, which will help you in finding the perfect wall décor for your home.

Wall art according to type and function:

1). Wall sculpture art. Wall art sculptures are the type of artworks that are made by artists. These are two-dimensional and are not flat like the murals and paintings. This type of wall art not only adds beauty but also depth to any type of wall surface.

2). Paintings and murals. These artworks are made through media such as pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil, charcoal, and so on. They are undoubtedly wonderful and magnificent art pieces that can look great in any room and can instantly change a boring old wall into a wall with a masterpiece. However, when selecting paintings and murals, it is important to consider certain things such as the size, style, color, and theme of the artwork along with your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

3). Wall paint and wall paper. It is also great idea to spruce up a plain wall by either splashing your favorite shade of wall paint on it or by using nicely patterned wallpaper.

4). Wall furniture. Wall furniture is the wall decorations that are not only used for decorating but also for practical purposes. Wall furniture includes bookshelves, mirrors, cabinets, vases, and many others.

5). Appliqués and borders. These are decorative stickers that can be used to improve and enhance a wall or wall furniture such as bookshelves and cabinets.

6). Lighting. Another great way of giving life to your walls is lighting through bulbs and wall lamps. This is also the kind of wall decoration that is not only for decorating but also for practical purpose of illuminating the area so that people can do their tasks efficiently.

Wall art according to art style:

1). Traditional. Traditional kinds of art styles include those from the Baroque and Renaissance period.

2). Modern. Modern wall art styles include movements and styles such as Dadaism, color field painting, op art, minimalism, avant garde, photorealism, blue rider art, pop art, stuckism, and Bauhaus.

3). Surrealism. This kind of wall art style consists of conceptual and figurative artwork that is somewhat in the middle of abstract and realism.

4). Abstract. This wall art style includes abstract expressionism, fauvism, futurism, and cubism (blue and pink periods).

5). Realism. This type of wall art style is the artwork based in the reality of life. An example of this is social realism that depicts current situations and conditions of the society.

Wall art according to material:

1). Iron. This material is highly prominent and is mostly utilized for contemporary and modern wall decorations.

2). Wood. Wood is usually used for wall decorations that shows traditional and rustic ambience for the home.

3). Canvas. This is a kind of clothing generally used for artworks such as paintings and murals.

4). Acrylic. This type of material includes a variety of plastics, oils, and resins, which are used for a wide range of wall decorations.

Having complete knowledge and information about the different types and categorizations of wall décor will surely make it a lot easier for you to make the right selection for your home.

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