Decorating Ideas for Small Kitchen

A small kitchen can be agonizing as working in it seems quite difficult, and decorating it properly can feel like an impossibility. However, there are some excellent ways to decorate small kitchens.

Here are five simple yet valuable decorating ideas for your small kitchen to get you started.

1). New cabinet knobs and handles:

You can make a world of difference in the overall look of your kitchen by just changing your cabinet knobs or handles. Themed kitchen cabinet knobs and handles come in a large variety. You can either select contemporary cabinet knobs and handles or you can go with traditional shapes, colors, and styles.

2). Throw rugs:

It is not necessary to always use large throw and area rugs. A number of many small ones are also easily available that are designed specifically for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Place a nice weaved rug on the floor in front of the kitchen sink or stove to create a snug decorative touch to the kitchen without sacrificing limited space.

3). Towels and hot pads:

Some of you may think towels and hot pads as an obvious thing, however many overlook this simple and easy decorative accent. Purchase a few nice towels with designs, patterns, or just colors to accent and match your kitchen decorating theme. You can hang towels on cabinet doors, stove, or refrigerator handles. Complete the added decorative touch with hot pads, gloves, and divets that complement the towels. You can hang hot pads and divets on the wall, which will allow for more decorative style without getting in the way.

4). Stenciled designs on cabinets:

This is an excellent decorating technique for small kitchens. You just need to paint stenciled designs on the front of your cabinet doors. You can either paint stenciled designs in the corners or can paint large budding flowers right in the middle of the cabinet door. They can be common shapes or other objects that best fit in with your personal decorating style.

5). Ceiling fan or small chandelier:

A ceiling fan or small kitchen chandelier helps a lot in improving the décor of your kitchen without taking up much needed working space. Since the kitchen is small, you will need to ensure to go with small chandeliers or fans that won’t overwhelm the room.

Follow these simple ideas and tips and you will be able to create a kitchen that will not only look clean but also gives an elegant and stylish look.

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