When it comes to home décor, the bathroom is usually the most neglected room in a house. However, it should be given an equal thought while decorating home as it is used not only by the owners but also by guests. Therefore, it should be neat, clean, and well decorated.

Though bathroom gives limited choice for decoration, yet it can be decorated with exciting and economical bathroom decoration themes. Using themes in bathrooms are becoming popular as bathroom decorations. Here are some themes for decorating a bathroom to give you an idea.

Classic Country Theme:

Classic country theme is very popular for both home décor and bathroom décor. To begin with, you need to install tiles in the shade of earth or rust. Use plenty of natural wood. Also, buy some pieces of accent from antique shops and place them at proper places in the bathroom. You can also give cabinets and other furniture an antique look by applying an antique stain to them. Moreover, consider using barn boards as an alternative for picture frames.

Beach Theme:

Creating the feel of a seaside cabin in your bathroom is a very unique theme. To give your bathroom a beach look, you need to install light blue colored tiles and paint the walls in the same color. Also, hang the frames of beautiful pictures of mermaids, beaches or aquatic life.

In the bathroom, you can even use photographs of your kids, playing on seashore making sand castles. Select the color of towels in a shade of sand or fawn and hang them on the bamboo racks. In addition, decorate your bathroom walls with wooden frames glued with seashells.


This theme is best for you if you want to have a clutter-free bathroom with least yet classic decorations. For this, you need to install pearl white tiles and paint walls in same stunning white color. Try to keep the quantity of necessities as fewer as possible. Use only those embellishments that can blend in the style and class of bathroom fixtures. Placing a silver-colored towel rack can give a sparkling effect to your bathroom. Use pastel-colored towels as they are perfect for this kind of theme. It is extremely essential to always keep the bathroom clutter-free and glinting clean, otherwise this theme would lose its attraction.

Ultra Modern:

This theme is ideal for those who are fascinated with all types of gadgets and are a fogey James Bond fans. Although the theme is quite expensive, yet it can fulfill the inner wish of stepping in the shoes of agent 007. Purchase a bathtub that has many temperature control units, and is enable enough to know the right level of water to be filled in. A wide range of smart toilets are available in the market to choose from. These toilets can automatically lift their lid when the user comes near, close the seat after usage, and also clean themselves.

Apart from these bathroom decorating themes, you can also use your imagination to create your own design themes to make your bathroom both exciting and appealing.

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