Basement Decorating Ideas

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Decorating basement is a great way to transform an unused space into a whole new room. Doing it up really nice will add a new dimension to your house. Although this idea may turn some people off because a basement is wedged underground, however this fact can be a real advantage for some types of rooms. Following are a few remodeling ideas that are used by a number of people for their basements, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and a few tips if you select any of these ideas.

Music or home theater room

One idea is to turn your dull and boring basement into the perfect music or home theater room. Maybe the greatest thing about this renovation is the acoustic lining that is usually put on the ceiling and walls, which guarantees total sound quality in a closed room.

Though basements are great for home theaters since many of them are already quite dark, however it is important to ensure that you have a good dehumidifier to protect the electronic equipments.

Game room

Game room is the perfect idea for the basement. A number of people are making their basements into game rooms by taking mini alcohol bars, pool tables, dartboards, and similar things. The advantage of making your basement a game room is that it becomes easier to host parties in your basement because the neighbors won’t complain about the noise. You can do this very economically with some colorful paint and good lighting.


Similar to the gym idea, this idea is also a simple one that needs a bit of modification to the basement. In lieu of the typical garage set workbench, it is a good idea to transfer your benches and power tools to the basement. The basement is perfect place if you make small thing in your workshop, however if you build large cabinets then you need to make your basement door larger to get them out.

Home gym

Setting up your basement as your new favorite workout area is quite easy. This is because you won’t have to mark up the floors or walls as the concrete gives the equipments a solid footing. You can put some rubber mats if you don’t like the hard floor. However, you will only need to worry about is finding a good ventilation system for your basement in order to keep fresh air circulating in it constantly because you will be breathing heavily from exercise.

When decorating your basement, you can spend as much or as little as you want. However, just like any other home interior decorating project, the more you do the better it will look.

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