Baby Room Wall Decoration Tips

Decorating the baby room is one of the most exciting aspects of waiting for your baby to be born. Whether you have decided to use traditional pastels or more inspiring color shades, keep in mind that the first step in making your baby’s room special is to cover the walls in color.


One of the most inexpensive ways to introduce color to the baby room is to paint the walls. The traditional baby colors are pastel blue and pink; however you can also consider giving the room a more modern look by pairing them with different colors. You can paint the top half of a wall with chocolate brown and turquoise stripes. After adding a chair rail, paint the bottom half of the wall pastel blue. Or use hot pink and pastel pink as alternative colors.

Another idea is to swirl the paint on with a sponge to give the wall interest or use a textured paint for an ersatz stucco look. Always select non-toxic paint that is safe for baby.


Depending on the baby room’s theme, hang a wallpaper border. You can set a border of cars and trucks in bright primary colors, or you can select a border of fairies, flowers, or princesses. A pattern of thin pastel stripes in pastel blue, pink, yellow, and green can be used to paper the walls. Use a butterfly or circus print to set apart an accent wall and paint the other three walls with colors hauled from the paper. You can also consider setting up white bead board half-way up the wall and paper the other half.

Murals and stickers:

Creating a mural on one wall can add beauty to the baby room. There are a lot of popular baby room characters to select from. A jungle scene featuring vivid colors makes the room pop, whereas a scene featuring blue sky and white, downy clouds invokes a restful mood. You may paint the mural freehand or select one of the many available stick-on murals. The good thing about these murals is that they stick on to the walls perfectly, but can also peel right off whenever you want to change them. Smaller wall stickers are easily available in all themes, styles, and colors.

Moreover, you can consider using alphabet decals on the wall to spell out your baby’s name, or write sayings like “Sweet Dreams”, “We Love You”, “Good Day”, etc. You can also use rainbow stickers to highlight a pastel wall.

Paintings and pictures:

Another inexpensive way to add art to your baby’s room is to frame pictures cut from journals, magazines or books. Select them carefully according to the room’s theme. You can also consider framing your baby’s birth announcement and placing it above the dresser or crib. Moreover, frame and hang the drawings, paintings, or color pictures in the baby’s room made by siblings. This will help in giving the room some exclusive art work and also include the others in the decorating process.

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