The best source to get peace and relaxing environment is nature. In the lap of nature, every one can feel happy and clam. You can make your home more beautiful by planting trees and flowers in a proper manner to make it attractive and unique.  Now a day’s houses are not, so big enough to make a proper garden at home but you can make a beautiful terrace garden in your home with full of colorful flowers and a relaxing sitting area where you can enjoy your moments. You can maintain this terrace garden very easily.
 Everyone and especially tired people from work can sit at their terrace garden to relax and can enjoy sip of tea in early morning as well as in the evening. You can also enjoy with your family, friends because nature is the man’s best friend. You can use grass, shrubs, plants, trees, fountains, decks and few solar lights. You can also grow vegetables in you terrace, even you can grow fruits in their season. To make it more attractive, you can use bamboo and other green building stuff. You can use myriad of plants like palms plants, money plants, few flowering plants, sunflowers in containers and herb plants, like basil and rosemary.

 Most importantly, to give chic look plant Rose plants of white and yellow color because they add touch of glamour to your garden. Try to use those plants, which have colored leaves to give colorful look. You can use natural stones, tiles and wooden benches to make it modish. Use stylish pots and containers to make your garden unique and different from others. You can reuse your old containers in a new way by hanging the plant. Your garden must give freshness to your mind and soul.

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