Kids Bathroom Décor Ideas

If you have a separate bathroom for your kids, then you have a number of options for their bathroom décor.

First and foremost option is to have the bathroom downsized to the children level. For this, you can install lower sinks, soft flooring, and a juvenile décor. However, you will need to remodel the bathroom in future as kids grow up very quickly.

The second important option is to keep adult sized fixtures, making the décor pleasing to kids. Here are a few tips on how to make the kids’ bathroom a place of their own without investing too much money and in such as way that can be changed easily as the children grow.

A quick and easy thing to do is wall paint, and also it is very effective in bringing in some bright colors. If the kids are old enough, you can consider their favorite color. However, it is not always possible to select the colors of your kids’ choice, therefore, your judgment in the selection of colors is important.

Keep in mind that you can always repaint the walls. Once the wall paint is done, you can use wall decals to change simple bathroom into a themed one. Finally, complete your bathroom décor by adding a few accessories such as rugs, towels, toothbrush holder concerning the theme.

There are a number of popular themes for kids’ bathroom décor that vary a lot by age groups. For younger kids, select any of their favorite movie characters. Disney princesses with variations of lavender, pinks and blues are always preferred by little girls, whereas cars, sports, and monsters themes are popular among the boys.

If there is a shared bathroom for kids of a different gender then it is better to use a neutral theme. You can use bright colorful splashes that work well for both boys and girls. For instance, using a Frisbee theme will offer a full line of accessories with simple bright colors. This theme is very attractive and also contemporary.

Animals in cartoon or stylized designs are also work well for both boys and girls. Generally, these designs are available in a number of different color models.

The most important thing to remember in decorating the kids’ bathroom is to ensure their safety. Always use plastic accessories, round corners furniture, and ensure they cannot be burned by turning the water on too hot. Use devices to prevent this type of accidents.

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