A table lamp has its own attraction and charm which not only enhance the beauty of your indoor décor but also outdoor arrangements.

There are many different types and shapes of lamps available in the market but the trick is to purchase the one that best fits your place and budget. For this, you need to keep following things in your mind before buying a lamp.

Lamp Size

The most important thing is size of the lamp. Different kinds of table lamps are available in different heights and widths. They can range from 25 inches to 32 inches in height, and candle-stick types to broader and larger in width.

Selecting appropriate size of the lamp highly depends on the area where you want to place it. A medium sized table lamp is best for the bedroom as large lamp can fall from the small bed-side table. For a delicate glass table, you can select a slender lamp to make it more attractive. Bulky and large lamps can be placed in the far end of the living room.

Moreover, height of the lamp depends on the height of the table. Taller lamps are best for lower tables, and shorter lamps are perfect for higher tables.

Lamp Style

The style of the lamp is also vital. A large number of styles are available in the market. You need to select the style that complements your décor. For example, the delicate and ornamental lamps such as crystal, shiny brass table lamps looks better in Victorian style furnished home. If you have a high-tech interior decoration style then a modern swing-arm lamp will be the perfect choice. Similarly, many different styles of lamps back up your traditional, classic, or modern interior décor style.

Lamp Material

Table lamps come in various types of materials such as metal, glass, bronze, nickel, wood, and chrome. Following tips will give you an idea of buying appropriate lamp when it comes to lamp material.

1). The concord lamps with a heavy weighted base are a good choice for a traditional interior design.

2). The bronze and honey shaded lamps give a natural and perfect look and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

3). A rectangular lamp with black pattern and a metal base gives your bedroom a trendy look.

4). Antique bronze lamps are best for a Victorian styled bedroom.

5). A java table lamp with heavy weighted bases and a two level light dimming switch is a great choice for the outdoor arrangements. You can buy them in antique honey wicker shade and bronze shades.

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