Unique Cupcake Decorations

Today, cupcakes are becoming more popular and are thought as a great way to celebrate kids’ parties. However, when it comes to a special occasion, there are a number of ways in which you can present and decorate cupcakes. A few of the favorite ones are as follows:

Themed cupcakes:

For themed cupcakes, you can use fondant to ice them as characters such as the Batman, Cookie Monster, and Garfield or any other character that best fits the theme of your special occasion.

Burger cupcakes:

These cupcakes are decorated in such a way that they look similar to a hamburger. They are put together by using un-iced vanilla cupcakes. To give them a look of buns, lightly sprinkle sesame seeds on them; for meat, put a thin chocolate cupcake layer; for the cheese, use yellow fondant, and slather of red icing for the sauce.

Statement cupcakes:

Cupcakes can be used to make any statement you want. You can spell out your loved one’s name or age in fluffy sponge. They can also be used to make a statement or give a message to your loved ones. Moreover, you can decorate each small cake with a letter, number, or picture to fit the overall statement.

Holiday cupcakes:

Depending on the holiday, you can decorate your cupcakes accordingly. For example, black cats and pumpkins for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, stars and stripes for Independence Day, and turkey designs for Thanksgiving.

Cupcake shapes:

One idea is to use your cupcakes to create different shapes such as a snake, alligator, caterpillar, or even a train.

Cupcake tree:

Another great idea is to tie your cupcakes into a tree shape for an interesting edible monument. Use cake pillars and a blend of larger cake tiers to complete your desired shape and size.

These are only a few ideas for cupcake decorations. You can use your own creativity and imagination to make attractive looking cupcakes that you and your family and friends can enjoy.

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