Salad Decorating Ideas

Salad is one of the highly nutritious dishes that can be part of meal or can be a complete meal in itself. As health awareness is growing fast, salads are becoming an essential part of any type of diet. Many different types of salads with varying base can be used. There are a number of restaurants that have entire salad bars, offering a variety of salads. Salads might be a combination of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and numerous other nutritious ingredients.

In order to make salad both attractive and nutritious, it is important to have good understanding about its ingredients and their nutritive value. It is surely an art to have a complete knowledge and information of how to combine ingredients and provide a mouth watering taste. Nevertheless, this art needs a little understanding, creativity, and practice to be mastered.

Here are some useful salad decorating ideas that can help you in making salads that are not only appealing but also nutritious.

1). The first and foremost thing in decorating salad is to decide whether you want your salad to be part of the meal or a whole meal in itself.

2). To make salad attractive, it should be colorful. Therefore, you should try to combine as many ingredients of different colors as possible. The salad gets its unique characteristic and taste only if the greens, reds, yellows, and all the various colors are used in it. You can make an absolutely irresistible salad by combining the ingredients well with a good dressing.

3). Try to dress your salad well as a good dressing provides it with just the taste you wanted. There are some dressings that do not make a considerable difference in the appearance of the salad, but they do make a key difference to taste.

4). Another important thing in decorating the salad is how you present or serve it. Apart from using platter or serving dish, you can also try out some innovative ideas of presentation such as serving it in a scooped out melon or pumpkin.

5). You can also use some glass decorative bowls or wooden bowls to serve your salad in an attractive and innovative way.

Any food can be made very appealing if decorated and presented well. Salad is one of those dishes that have magnificent looks naturally with various colors combined into one dish; therefore, it should be presented beautifully.

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