Frosted Fruit Recipe as Table Centerpiece

Easy centerpiece ideas are often the best ones. One great idea is to use frosted fruit, arranged on a nice dish or place, as the centerpiece for your table. Certainly, the fruit can be eaten and also give your table a nice and appealing look.

Here is an easy frosted fruit recipe that will not only delicious but also look beautiful and attractive. This frosted fruit recipe can be used as an appealing table centerpiece.

Total preparation time:

20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how much you want to make.

No cooking needed.


1). Fresh fruit – use any fruit of your choice such as strawberries, apples, grapes, pears, oranges, cherries, lemons. Remember to use whole fruit, not cut ones.

2). Egg white – not beaten. Or lemon juice.

3). Sugar – use turbinado sugar to add variety.


1). First of all, wash the fruit and dry completely.

2). Put the egg white in one bowl, and the sugar in another. Do not beat egg whites.

3). Take a cooking brush, and use it to spread egg white all over the fruit one at a time. After that, roll fruit in sugar.

4). Let the fruit in it until sugar is fully crystallized on the whole fruit and make a good crust.

5). Place the fruit on parchment paper and leave it for at least a few hours in a dry area.

6). Arranging your fruit delicately on a nice place, add a few ribbons and make a great looking centerpiece for your dinner party.

Additional tips:

If you do not want to use egg white, use lemon juice on fruit as an alternative of egg white.

Apart from fruit, you can also frost mint or basil leaves to use as decoration.

It is important to avoid refrigerating the frosted fruit as humidity will melt the sugar.

You can also present the frosted fruit in a pretty box or basket to make perfect gifts at Christmas time or any special occasion.

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