Food Garnishing Ideas

Food garnishing is an art of decorating food or drinks that is essential in order to make them visually appealing, presentable, and appetizing, particularly at parties and special events. Garnishing the food is not a difficult task. You just need to use simple edible ingredients like vegetables, chocolates, and fruits, which best complement the food dish.

Creative food garnishing ideas:

In order to garnish food creatively, it is important to make use of proper food garnishes that complement the color, texture, and taste of the food dish or drink. Depending on the food dish or drink, different ideas for food garnish can be used. For instance,

1). Almost all soup recipes have a uniform texture; therefore, they can appear very boring if they are not garnished well. Use cream, yogurt, grated cheese, or flavored oil to garnish soups.

2). Garnish vegetable dishes by using mint or coriander leaves, grated ginger, citrus peels, nuts, or seeds.

3). Meat dishes can be garnished by using different herbs, sauces, and spices.

4). Garnish desserts by using fresh fruits, whipped cream, dried fruits, powdered sugar, various forms of chocolate, or edible flowers.

5). Mint leaves, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, nuts, lemons, etc. all make perfect drink and food garnishes.

Food garnishing tools:

Tools such as apple corer, parchment cone, citrus stripper, cookie cutters, a grater, toothpicks, knives, skewers, and vegetable peelers are required for food garnishing and presentation. These tools are easily available and also quite easy to use.

Ideas for food garnishing:

Once you have equipped yourself with proper tools and food garnishes, you can use following ideas for food garnishing.

1). While using bell peppers, use all the colors in equal quantity. Also, they can be either sliced or diced.

2). Use a citrus stripper to cut out strips, twists, and wedges of citrus fruits, like oranges or lemons, and garnish drinks, fish items, or desserts with these.

3). Decorate the centerpieces by using carved fruits and vegetables. Also, use the top portion of a pineapple to decorate a fruit platter.

4). Grate, slice round, or shred carrots to garnish meat dishes. You can also make a carrot rose to decorate a salad platter.

5). Use chocolate, in the form of chocolate chips, for garnishing or grate it and sprinkle over dessert. You can use melted chocolate to sprinkle over the dessert or on the plate before serving the dessert. Moreover, chocolate sauce can be used for other garnishes like fresh fruits and nuts.

6). Use a tiny bunch of mint leaves as garnish, or cut them and sprinkle them evenly over the food dish.

7). You can also use different colored sauces, syrups, and chutneys to add a hint of color to dull and insipid looking food dishes.

Despite these food garnishing ideas, you can also use your own creativity to garnish your food dishes. However, while garnishing, keep in mind that it should go well with the color, temperature, and taste of the food dish that you want to garnish. It is also important to avoid over garnishing the food dishes, and ensure to arrange them properly, and that they should harmonize the table decoration.

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