Food garnishing adds appeal as well as interest to any kind of food. Garnishing is a cuisine art that creates many shapes and structures from food.

You can not only make beautiful pieces on a buffet of food by garnishments, but also can make a centerpiece on other tables to add visual decadence. Therefore, next time you have a party at home, you can give a pleasant surprise to your guests with garnished centerpieces.

Although professional garnished centerpieces look just like masterpieces, however, you can create your own tasty centerpiece with a careful selection of colorful, fresh fruits.

Here are some ideas to make decorative fruit garnishing centerpiece to help you out.

  1. To make fruit flower pot, first cut the top third off of the small watermelon, and then gouge out the watermelon from the larger part. Holding the glass flat against the edge of the watermelon border, draw a curved edge around the border of the watermelon by using the curve on the border of the glass to trace. Now scalp this border with a sharp knife to create a decorative edge of the watermelon vase. Put a Styrofoam (Polystyrene block) within the watermelon to attach the skewer-stemmed fruit.
  2. Make cherry flowers by picking the stem out of cherries and cutting the cherry open just a pizza, but in fewer parts. Instead of cutting all the way through the cherry, leave it connected on the bottom edge to make the flower. You can decorate its center by using part of a peel or a small candy. After adding mint leaves to these cherry flowers, stack and put them together by sliding them onto a bamboo skewer.
  3. To create grape flowers, attach five purple grapes to a green grape center by using toothpicks. Sugar the grapes by painting on a layer of beaten egg white or lemon juice. Place them on a wax paper sheet and sprinkle over sugar.
  4. To make sweet additions to the garnished fruit centerpiece, have some melted chocolate and dip strawberries and pieces of banana in it. You can add these to the end of skewers.
  5. From the bottom and top of a lime and lemon, cut a triangular wedge that will look like between butterfly wings. Now cut the lime and lemon into thin and even slices. To make antennae, cut and trim the peel from one of the slices, and fix a skewer into the bottom.
  6. Fill the watermelon flower pot with fresh fruit pieces such as strawberries, watermelon, melon, and banana. Finally, add flowers, butterflies, and chocolate covered pieces as accents.

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