Cupcake Decorating Ideas

There are a number of simple techniques that can be used to decorate cakes and make them appealing. You can easily make the simple cupcakes tempting with some decorating techniques. All you need are few cake decorating tools, chocolate (Candy Melt), edible colors, and icing pen.

Here are some of the fascinating cupcake decorating ideas.


This is the simplest and easiest form of cupcake decoration. You will require a star-pointed icing pen, decorating bag and butter cream icing.

1). Fill icing in the decorating bag.

2). Holding the pen above the cupcake, pipe in the cream in spiral shape, beginning from the outer edge to the inner. Reduce the pressure and pull the tip away.

3). Make a less widen second spiral at the center. Stop, and pull it upwards at once.

Ganache or melted chocolate:

A frosting made with chocolate and cream is called ganache.

1). Once the cupcake is fully baked and cooled, place it upside down. Pour ganache or melted chocolate over the cupcake till it is fully covered.

2). Allow it to set well until it is firm. Now you can sketch designs on it using icing pen.

Center filling:

You will require a round-tipped icing pen, decorating bag, and any of your favorite icing or jam.

1). Fill icing or jam in the decorating bag.

2). From the top of the cupcake, insert the tip of decorating bag up to its center.

3). Squeeze out some icing or jam in it to have a delicious bite.

Chocolate-flavored cupcakes:

You will require melted chocolate, baking cups, and a spatula.

1). Using the spatula, apply a thick coat of melted chocolate in the baking cup.

2). Refrigerate it until the coating is completely set.

3). Take it out of the refrigerator and peel out the paper cup.

4). Chocolate-flavored cup is ready. You can fill it with jam, icing, nuts, or chocolate.

Using these ideas will change cupcakes into unique and appealing deserts, which can not only be enjoyable for you but also for your guests.

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