Cake Decorating tips for Unique Designs

A well decorated cake gets more attention than a simple cake. Decorating a cake is an art and can be mastered with a little practice.

Here are some tips that will help you in decorating a cake.

1). When greasing and flouring the cakes, use butter as a greasing material. But remember that butter which contains water starts melting during the baking process. As a result, the cake becomes moist and soggy from the bottom.

2). Excess amount of water or oil in the baking mixture is one of the main reasons that the cake is not rising. Use appropriate amount of water or oil, select the right pans, and ensure that the temperature is not too low.

3). After taking cake out of the oven, ensure to place the cake onto the wire racks for about 15 minutes so that it cools off entirely.

4). Ensure that the cake is fully cooled before using any frosting.

5). When filling the layers, the icing ring should be a half inch from the boundary, around the circle. Fill that ring with fruit or custard.

6). The right pressure and the grip of the decorating bag are necessary for the size and the uniformity of the icing. Applying right pressure ensures the right amount of icing flow through the tip.

7). Putting a top and bottom border on the cake will complete its decoration.

8). Use glycerin if the food color becomes somewhat paler. Usually, the cake loses its color if expose to sunlight.

9). The cake can be stored up to three months with a good quality aluminum foil, but it should be defrosted before decorating.

10). Use cane sugar in icing as it has more ability to hold the colors for longer period of time than the beet sugar.

11). Powdered food colors can also be used to decorate the cakes as they can retain the colors for a longer time.

12). Add some cream if the frosting is thin; and add melted chocolate or butter if the frosting is too thin.

Use these tips, follow the basic instructions, and apply your own creativity to make yummy, beautiful, and attractive cakAdd an Imagees.

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