It is very important to have appetizingly beautiful cake decorations if you think that having a home-baked cake is a thoughtful gesture on special occasions. Following are some easy cake decorating ideas that will help you in decorating your cake with the finesse of professional bakers.

Themes for cake decoration:

1). Floral theme:

Floral theme is not only the classic cake decorating theme but also the most popular one. A perfect floral cake can be made by using floral patterns with enchanting pink and lavender flowers and green leaves. Generally, floral themes are used in wedding cakes, mothers’ day cakes, or birthday cakes for girls.

2). Romantic theme:

A beautifully decorated cake is the best way to express your love on occasions such as the Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, or spouse’s birthday. Any soft-colored icing, topped with some icing hearts, or even cupids for that matter are all included in the romantic cake decorations. Add a final touch by using some sparkly candy sprinkles to surprise your love.

3). Cartoon theme:

You can surprise your kids by combining two of their most favorite things, i.e. cartoons and cakes.

Decorate cakes either by using the molds and readymade icing figures or by drawing cartoon characters.

Cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Garfield, or Tom and Jerry are perfect for this theme.

4). Fun and Frolic:

A lot of color, splash, and sparkle can be used to create fun themes. You can use various shapes such as circles, stars, and balloons to make the perfect fun cake. This theme is ideal for almost any joyous occasion.

Supplies for cake decoration:

1). Decorating molds. Create different fun shapes with the help of decorating molds.

Try to start from the easy ones such as stars, triangles, squares, and circles to the more complex ones such as hearts, flowers, and smiley faces and cartoon characters.

There are also many molds that have text imprints for alphabets and numbers, which you can use to personalize your decoration by creating name(s), or age, or any message on the cake.

2). Professional icing smoother: It is very useful in covering the cake with a uniform layer of icing, similar to the ones at the baker’s shop.

3). Icing Bags: They help you in creating wonderful icing patterns on the cake. You can use them to draw attractive shapes and borders or even write with it. Icing bags are also available with specialized changeable tips that allow you to create particular shapes such as stars, flowers, and leaves.

4). Readymade flowers:

If you are short of time, you can even use readymade icing flowers to decorate your cake.

5). Edible color sprays: These sprays are very easy to use and are quite handy to transform simple cake into a vibrant and colorful one. Moreover, they can be used to create different patterns on your cake.

6). Edible decorative sprinkles: Another excellent idea is to use colorful and sparkly sprinkles to decorate your cake. These sprinkles look great even if they are randomly spread on the surface of the cake.

7). Cake stand: Lastly, give your cake decorations the final touch by placing it on a beautiful cake stand. You can use either classic glass cake stands or ornamental cake stands to add beauty to your yummy cake.

The above mentioned ideas and tips will surely help you in decorating your cake in the best way so that you can give a delicious and beautiful surprise to your loved ones.

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