Deciding and finalizing the wedding hall decorations is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Decorating a wedding hall perfectly requires a little ingenuity. A number of brides and some bridegrooms want their weddings to be distinctive as well as original that set them apart from the rest. Although it is quite a difficult task, it can be made achievable with a bit of creativity, imagination, and a lot of research.

Basically wedding hall décor should be based on your selected theme and color scheme. Here are some ideas to decorate wedding hall.


The beauty that flowers add in any decoration can not be replicated by any other thing. However, in wedding hall decorations, you need to find unusual ways to use them. A much expensive way to use flowers as unique decoration is to ask your wedding planner to find a way to hang individual rose blooms from the ceiling so that they suspend about 8 feet off the ground. Ensure that each flower should be suspended at about 1.5 feet away from the others.

However, an inexpensive way to use flowers is to get some spherical oases and cover it with half bloomed roses or tulips. These flower globes can be used on stands at the venue, as table centers, or hanged from the ceiling.


The appropriate lighting is a necessary element in setting the mood. For instance, use of diffused lighting can create a romantic atmosphere. To accomplish this, you can use frosted glass candle holders as table centers or at various points in the hall. Conversely, you can use lamps that best complement your color scheme to light up the hall. Moreover, use hurricane lamps for a quaint rustic feel. Illuminate the corners by scattering a lot of petals on the ground and placing small glass candles between them.

Additional decoration ideas:

1). A majority of wedding halls have pillars that are easy to decorate. One way to decorate them is to string a vine of flowers and leaves around the pillar for a dazzling effect. Conversely, suspend LED lights along the pillar and cover them with a curtain of sheer fabric.

2). Try to decorate the table centers entirely different. For instance, for a winter wedding, consider making a table center with winter berry and regular, glided pine cones.

3). You can also consider hanging cane rings, decorated with dried flowers or ribbons, at different locations in the hall. Also, hang a heart-shaped cane wreath with fresh flowers at the back of the bride and bridegroom’s chairs.

4). You can add glamour to the wedding hall by strategically placing large vases or pots (about 2 feet tall), containing large feathers, around the venue.

5). Although wedding decoration backgrounds are quite outdated, however you can use drapes or LED lights covered with drapes to decorate the background.

While planning to decorate wedding hall, it is important to keep quality, not quantity in mind. You can create beautiful wedding hall decorations even on a tight budget by using your own creativity and imagination.

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