Wedding ceremony is the most special part of the wedding. It not only reflects the couple and their personality, but also gives a preview of how the reception will look like. While decorating wedding ceremony, it is important to keep things simple and within the theme of the wedding. This will help in focusing on the event itself, and to the bride and groom.

Following are a few tips for decorating wedding ceremony that you can use indoor as well as outdoor wedding ceremonies.

1) One way of making the wedding ceremony extra special is to add flowers. Take delicate and sheer ribbon to tie the bouquets of flowers around the pillars of church. Flowers can also be placed by the entrance, all along the walkway in the church, and can even be hung in different deliberately selected areas of the ceiling. Pillars by the altar can be decorated by wrapping them with lace and tulle, and giving some touches of flowers.

White flowers are best choice for wedding ceremony decorations as they add to the purity of the entire occasion. Add this delicate color as the dominating theme with greens to enhance it, or you can use the two or three colors of your wedding theme. Harmony in the whole ceremony decorations can easily be created by using only those colors for venue decoration that is used in the bouquets.

2) Give a romantic atmosphere to the ceremony by using soft lighting. Use Christmas lights to light the aisle, and to cover the wire, use colorful metallic ribbons. You can also use lights for a contrast, or in complementing colors with rest of your ceremony theme.

A great way to add lighting to the wedding ceremony is to use large candles. It is best to use big candles in the large church.

During the wedding reception, always keep the torches at a minimum and place them by the entrances and exits. Use of altar torches is an excellent idea to light up the ceremony.

For an outdoor venue, hang lights on strings or thin ribbons to make the ceremony more romantic. Use Christmas lights to light up dining areas, dancing areas, and along the buffet tables.

3) To enhance the mood in the church, use colorful ribbons and lace in different colors. You can opt for ivory, gold, or silver to drape around walls, pillars, and flowers. Also, add more contrasting colors, such as magenta, deep purple, red, dark blue, and forest green in small quantities. You can add these contrasting colors by using two strips of ribbon together, with the gold one being the main and thick ribbon, while a thinner colored one is affixed with it. Use them around chairs, behind pews, and also to tie flowers onto the walkway.

Besides these tips, always keep wedding ceremony decorations simple and use things that reflect your personality and style, so that you can make your special day even more special and memorable.

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