Tips for Party Decoration

A well decorated party is more enjoyable and memorable. Selecting a theme for the party is the basic thing. Location, color choices, or the food all provide themselves to the theme. Once the theme is selected, the rest of the decoration becomes quite easy.

Room Decorations:

Lighting and streamers play the major role in making the festive atmosphere of the party.

Select the lighting that not only fits the purpose of the party but also the type of event. There are different lighting ideas for a casual as well as an elegant event. For a casual birthday party or a karaoke night with friends, paper lanterns in bright, multi colors or intricate designs are the best. On the other hand, use white or single color lanterns for an elegant wedding reception.

Paper streamers are the essential decorative item of kids’ birthday décor. Instead of hanging the streamers in a willy-nilly style, hang them in a pattern. Start each streamer in the center of the room and drape them to different points around the edge to give it a more finished look. For more sophisticated events, such as parties for adults, use bunting or flower garlands.

The color of the streamers and bunting is also an important consideration. You can use multicolor streamers for casual parties, and for events such as formal garden parties, use only one or two shades on bunting. To give an adult touch to the traditional streamer, drape the swaths of fabric along the ceiling or woven into outdoor arches or pergolas.

Table Decorations:

The table is the main focus of many parties. For a birthday party, the birthday cake is often the centerpiece. However, other events need more exhaustive centerpieces.

Use candles or flowers, or both in simple arrangements instead of using overly busy or large centerpieces. Arrangements should be decorated either above or below eye level so that they do not hinder cross-table conversation.

When using candles in the party where kids are present, ensure they can not burn themselves with a candle flame, and also avoid using small objects on the table such as scattered glass stones.

Select linens that not only protect the table but also add beauty to the décor. Using a simple white cloth presents a neutral background to the rest of the decorations. For kids’ parties, it is best to use bare tables with placemats or festive vinyl tablecloths. You can use elegant table runners or heavy embroidered cloths for evening soirées.

The mood of the entire table is set by the linens. A checked cloth is ideal for a picnic themed party outdoors, and a lace edged cloth is best for a tea-party in the garden.

Focal Points:

The focal point draws the attention towards itself as soon as the guests enter the space. Select one focal point for the room to get them thrilled for the party to come. It is not necessary to have a focal point in the space itself. You can also create your focal point by framing entrances in deluxe curtains or framing windows with large garlands.

For a kid’s princess or knight party, you can create an exciting focal point by using a large cardboard castle in one corner of the party area. For a wedding or other formal events, use ice sculptures to add an elegant touch.

Other unique focal points are bales of hay at a western party or large urns of tall flowers or potted trees near a speaker’s lectern.

You can also use your own imagination to create unique and beautiful focal points according to the theme of your parties.

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