Tea Party Decoration Ideas

One of the primary elements of planning the best tea party is how to decorate it and make it lovely event. After deciding the date for the party and sending the special tea party invitations to your family and friends, it’s time to begin planning for the decorations. The first and foremost thing is to decide the venue, whether the party is going to be inside the house or is it going to be a garden tea party. Once the venue is decided, consider the available space so that you can decorate it accordingly.

Here are some decoration ideas for a perfect tea party.

Keep it simple:

While decorating the space for a tea party, keep in mind that it is a ‘tea party’, not a birthday party. Therefore, avoid decorating it much loudly and keep it simple. Try to create a soft and calm atmosphere, rather than a jazzy one. Instead of decorating the entire room, consider working mostly on the table and area around it. Begin it with party theme that is certainly to add amusement to the party and also will present a distinct look to the whole decorations. You can select any color theme or fun theme that you think will be the best for your party. For instance, Minnie Mouse theme, Daisy Duck theme, and Alice in wonderland theme are best for the kids’ tea party. Adding all those elements, such as matched teacups and saucers to the table will make it perfect for the princess tea party. You can also use a mix of different colors to decorate kids’ tea party. Another good tea party idea is to select a dual colored theme.

Add necessary elements:

Each element that is added to the party should be selected to match the theme. Moreover, the things used in decorating the party must coordinate well with each other. For example, the tablecloth, napkins, table mat, tableware, all should complement one another.

Start with choosing a decorative tablecloth. Ensure to use teacups and teapot that best match with the selected theme. One idea is to add some elegant cutlery such as silverware to decorate the table. Consider trying different napkin folding techniques and add beautiful napkin rings to make them look attractive. One of the napkin ring ideas is to use a thick decorative thread and string a tea bag in each. In addition, arrange plates and other necessary tableware required to serve tea party recipes and add beautiful flower petals around it.

Finish with decorative elements:

Give a finishing touch to the table decorations by adding a table centerpiece. Moreover, you can use large, bold, and colorful alphabets stuck on the wall, saying ‘TEA PARTY’. Also, you can add thermocol teacups and teapots around this banner to decorate it.

You can place the scented, floating candles, in attractive colors matching with the theme, on the table or on shelves in the party area. Also, add fresh flowers and classic looking wicker baskets to the table decorations.

Use light colored curtains or semi-transparent curtains to give a lovely look to the party area. Place the extra teacups and teapot sets on the side tables and ensure that you arrange them nicely in a tea tray.

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