Original Wedding Reception Ideas

Despite having a traditional, predictable wedding, try to come up with different wedding reception that can make your wedding day even more special. It is a fact that planning a wedding is very hectic, therefore, avoid being too hard on yourself. Do not select a reception idea that is completely idealistic and unattainable as this will only make you stressed out, broke, and discontented.

Here are few wedding reception ideas to help you out in making your wedding day memorable.

Select a wedding theme:

There are a number of wedding themes to select from. You can select to have a red wedding or a holiday wedding such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Seasonal wedding themes such as winter, fall, spring, or summer can also be used.

Although themes are the great way to do something different, however it is not necessary to have a common wedding theme. Consider having an original theme, or combine two themes to make it unique and attractive.

For instance, despite just a beach wedding, think of a Hawaiian luau reception in the autumn or winter at a reception space. Or consider a Vegas wedding complete with games of chance and Elvis helping you tie the knot.

Be bold in using your own creativity; however, be realistic with the resources and budget you ought to cope with.

Select the unique location:

Another fun option is selecting a unique location. Despite getting married at a normal reception hall or hotel, consider about unique places such as dude ranches, aquariums, or even a haunted house.

Remember that a good location serves as the background for your theme, whereas a really good location stands on it’s own with very little other decorations.

Places like airports, museums, theme hotels and historic sites propose a lot of innovation as the beginning for your wedding reception.

Break the mold:

If you really want to have a unique and different wedding reception then you have to really work hard and think in a different way about your wedding. Since many wedding themes have been done, therefore you need to go the extra mile to have something totally unique.

Consider about locations where people usually would not dare to have a wedding such as a prison, on top of a mountain in winter, your favorite fast food restaurant, or store at the mall. You just need to get creative, hire a professional planner, and get to work.

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