Night Party Decorations

Night parties can range from the elegant to the casual, from large affairs to cozy, cherished gatherings. However, deciding on the theme and then using it to create your desired atmosphere is the most important thing in planning night party decorations.

Here are some fun themes to give you idea and to get you started.

Dinner party:

Use tablecloths and napkins, fancy napkin rings and place settings. You can use glass bowls, decanters, or bottles filled with flowers, fruit, or candles as centerpieces.

One great idea for centerpiece is to use candles and lit them up. They will surely create a fantastic night party atmosphere. And of course, serve dinner and elegant little deserts on stacked trays.

If you want, you can display flowers or potted plants inside the house, and consider using the same tablecloths and elegant theme as the party. In addition, light classical music, guitar music, or new age would further enhance a night party atmosphere.

Bridal shower:

Night bridal shower parties include a number of different themes, such as stringing fairy lights and hurricane lanterns around the house, using ribbons, lace and the bride’s wedding colors. Refreshments can range from a light buffet using fresh fruits and vegetables of the season to soups and a variety of elegant appetizers in the fall and winter months.

Moreover, just like at a regular bridal shower, night bridal shower also include guests get together, laugh, talk, eat and play games.

Use these simple yet useful ideas to decorate your party so that your night party could be interesting and memorable.

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