Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

One of the greatest decorating challenges is to find inexpensive wedding centerpieces. Wedding decorations budget can expand too far before even considering other important wedding details like wedding cake. Having beautiful and appealing wedding centerpieces on budget can be a tricky task as the whole wedding decorations can look incomplete and boring without having attractive wedding centerpieces.

Whether you are on a tight budget when planning a wedding, or simply do not want to spend a lot on decorations, here are a few simple and chic table decoration ideas you may consider when planning for your wedding decorations.

  1. Flowers can be used in a number of ways without spending a huge amount of money. Using inexpensive flowers, e.g. daisies and lot of greenery, can create a colorful environment to the room. For a vintage or rustic wedding, you can use old jars and fun cans as containers. Or else, create your own stylish flower arrangements with a few striking flowers in a tall vase having tea candles all around it.
  2. Decorated photo frames at each place setting, individual wedding favors that guests can take home, or colorful favor boxes stacked like a wedding cake in the centers of the tables wedding table decorations that do double duty as both decorations and wedding favors.
  3. Fill a low or high glass bowls or vases with something different, such as pebbles, glass beads, marbles, colorful candies, or colorful fruit. These wedding centerpieces work great especially if the room already has some character and does not require much decoration to enhance it. Select fillers that match your overall color scheme and wedding theme to bind everything together.
  4. Candles create a beautiful and romantic glow in an indoors reception in the evening. Consider using floating candles in a bowl of water. You can color the water by dipping in colored tissue paper or crepe paper. Or else, you can place single candelabra in the center of each table with tall tapered candles in each.
  5. Using brightly colored or bold linens can create a colorful ambience that does not require having a centerpiece at all. Make sure you use a limited number of colors, such as two colors plus white, or one color plus black and white. Then you can add more detail to it by using inexpensive accessories such decorating ribbons across the table, streamers hanging from the ceiling, or one big marbled balloon anchored to the center of the table with a balloon weight.
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