Planning a birthday party for a kid with a winter birthday may seem difficult; however there are many fun and creative options that you can use for those children who are born during the winter months.

Here are two unique and creative ideas for winter birthday party you may consider to arrange a memorable birthday party.

Snow party

Whether you really have snow or not the snow themed party is great for 6 to 8 years old kids. To make the birthday invitations, you will need the following things.

1. White construction paper – for a snowman’s body

2. Different kinds of paper, ribbon, or yarn for decoration

3. Scissors

4. Markers

5. Glue


For each party guest, make a snowman body and use the bits of paper, ribbon, and yarn to decorate one side of the body, and on the other side, write the party information.


It is quite easy to decorate snow themed party. You can use snow themed plates, napkins, cups, and table coverings that you would surely have for the Christmas time. Moreover, one option is to decorate the party area. Hang up traditional snow flakes from the ceiling to give it the party a nice snowy look.

Princess winter wonderland themed party

It is a great idea to combine two themes into one party. Little girls will surely love this theme as they will proudly become a princess of the party of the winter wonderland. You can use this theme for the girls in the age group of 5 to 8 years old.

To make the birthday invitations, you will need the following things.

1. Cardstock

2. Stamp of a princess

3. Plastic winter snowflakes

4. Glitter sparkles

5. Blue ink pad

6. Confetti snowflakes

7. Markers

8. Glue


Take the cardboard and write or print out the party information onto it. As a decorative accent, glue on the plastic snowflake, and place it inside the envelope. Using the stamp and ink pad, stamp an image of the princess on the outer side of the envelope. Before the stamp dries, sprinkle the white glitter over it. Add some confetti snowflakes before sealing the envelopes with the intention that they will fall when the invitation is opened.


To decorate the party, you can hang white and clear plastic snowflakes and cardboard stars randomly from the ceiling. Also, placing white and light blue streamers around each of the door openings also look great.

In addition, provide a princess tiara or crown and a glitter stick as party favors. You can also provide princess themed candy for each party guest.

Using these creative and distinctive ideas will surely make your child happy and satisfied on his/her birthday.

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