Ideas for Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are some kind of small memento, offered by the newly married couple as a note of appreciation to family and friends. There are a large variety of wedding favors; however, some are considered better choices than others.

It should be kept in mind that wedding favors do not necessarily have to be costly. You can make this type of gift at home. The homemade wedding favors are not only inexpensive but also it’s really fun to make them. While making them, keep in mind that the main purpose of the wedding favor is to let people know you are thankful to them for their help with wedding and reception or that you are just grateful they showed up.

Here are a few ideas for wedding favors to get you started.

1. Food

    Food is one of the most popular types of wedding favor. A wonderful, easy and inexpensive option is to buy small black favor boxes, and line them with white tissue paper. After placing cookies or dark chocolate-covered peanuts, tie the box off with white and red ribbon. This beautiful box with delicious goodies inside will make everyone pleased. You can use this wedding favor for both informal and formal weddings.

    2. Flower plant

      A fresh plant or flower seeds is another popular wedding favor. Place a miniature plant or cacti in a small terracotta planter, and make it more personalized by embellishing the pots with ribbon, craft paint, lace, etc.

      Moreover, you can also put three different seed packages in a simple glass container. Punch a hole through the upper corner of these packages to tie together with ribbon. Once planted, they can be a constant reminder of your wedding.

      3. Fragrant soap

        One great idea for wedding favor is to consider fragrant soap. Place fragrant soap in hotel rooms of your out-of-town guests. You can buy all the supplies at local craft stores. These supplies include glycerin, molds, and fragrant of your choice such as sandalwood, watermelon, lemon grass, and white ginger. You can also give an extra romantic touch by molding designs such as wedding bells, hearts, and bubble designs.

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