Halloween Decorating Tips and Ideas

Halloween demands creativity, and this occasion is surely a time to be creative. A spooky atmosphere can easily be created by making or buying decorations for your next party or to frighten trick-or-treaters at your door. You can also use recycled or reused items around the house or supplies bought from fabric and craft stores to make different decorative things for Halloween.

Here are some Halloween decorating tips and ideas:

Bobbing ghosts:

Take a piece of cheesecloth (also known as butter muslin) that is 2 yards long and 1 yard wide, and places it over a white, helium-filled balloon and gather the bottom of the cheesecloth around the balloon end. Using a black laundry marker, draw a ghoulish face on the cheesecloth and hang the balloon from a tree with string.

Rotting clothes:

The craft of rotting clothes takes a few months to prepare. Use some old, pre-stained or pre-torn clothes and moisten them with water using a spray bottle so that moisture can fall evenly onto the clothes. Another option is to soak the clothes in a bucket and wring them until they are moist. Now bury the clothes in your yard for 2 to 3 months and mark the spot with a stick. Dig up the clothes and wash them. Give the clothes a grungier look by using bleach in the wash. After washing, they are ready to dress a mannequin or to wear for a zombie walk.

Specimen jars:

An interesting décor can be created by placing a few small items into clean, clear jars. Purchase expanding sponge creatures, expandable snakes, and small plastic skeletons and place them into the jars. Add finely milled coffee grounds to the water to give it a dirty and antique look. After that, you can label the jars with exotic names in fake Latin to create interest.

Brains and hearts molds:

Use brain or heart gelatin molds to create creepy centerpieces. Adding gummy worms to the gelatin mix will give wiggles to the spooky decoration.

Spell book:

Use an artist’s sketch book with blank pages to craft a book of spells. Spooky trinkets such as miniature skulls or spiders can be hot glued onto the cover. Spray black, ultra flat matte spray paint over the book cover and add silver as an enunciation. Sepia acrylic paint can also be used to antique the front cover. This craft can work as a blank guestbook. Or, you can go a step further and transcribe “magic spells” in calligraphy on the pages after you antique them. Once the ink is set, dip the book into a pail of strong black tea. Place chopsticks or other flat sticks in between each page so that the paper does not stick together and let the book to dry. The tea drapes the pages and leaves a brown weathered look to the paper once dry.

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