Family Reunion Decoration Ideas

Family reunions are a magnificent time to reconnect with family members. It is a great idea to set the theme of your reunion with your family reunion invitations. However, it is also equally important to plan the decorations for the family reunion according to the mood and theme of the event. A few of the great ideas for family reunion decorations are as follows:

Family reunion wall charts:

Decorating the party with large family charts is one of the most popular ideas for family reunion decorations. These large family charts show all the family members and how they are related. Starting with the ancestor and showing all the cousins, aunts, and uncles and other relatives attending the reunion the reunion, these charts illustrates how everyone is hooked together.

Being creative, you can use brown butcher paper for creating a giant tree skeleton background with trunk and branches and hang the chart on the tree. In addition, cut out different colored leaves with the names of family members for using on your chart.

Themed Events:

If you want to decorate your family reunion party according to specific theme, follow it fully and decorate accordingly. For instance, you may plan a Luau theme, safari, western, or Fiesta theme family reunion celebration.

Family name banner idea:

Creating a large family name banner to hang in the main area of the event is also a wonderful idea. You can add in a family slogan. You may have the family members sign the banner and get a group photo under it for the memory book. Use this decoration idea and your guests will remember it for long.

Use of pictures:

One idea is to use main reunion organizer family photos. Use photos of past reunions and photos of those who no longer living. You can also create collages on poster boards to hang around your location.

Balloons and beach balls:

Using balloons and beach balls in the union party is always a perfect idea, especially if you have many little ones in the family. You just need to blow up a number of beach balls and allow them float around. Also, fill latex balloons with helium and ensure they have long strings. Allow them float to the top of the room and children will have fun walking under them. At the end of the day, they can take a few balloons home.

Potted plants:

Another idea is to get a number of terra cotta pots and small plant starts or flowers. Providing some potting soil, ask everyone to pot their plants as they arrive. Also, you may provide paints to decorate the pots in the way they want. The plant of each family can be best served as center piece for the event that after the party, they can take them home for their own gardens.

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