Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the most important event of the year. Therefore, it is an obvious desire of every person to celebrate it in a unique and special way. In this article, some unique and attractive tips and ideas are given that you can use in order to make your Christmas celebrations enjoyable and also memorable.

1). Take a small glass bowl or decorative Christmas bowl and fill it with small cones and display on shelves, end tables, buffet tables, etc.

2). Attach Christmas decorations to the outside of a clear plastic shower curtain with a hot glue gun. Instead of using breakable ornaments, consider using small wooden or plastic ornaments, garland, bows, and so on.

3). Using red and green 3-dimensional fabric paints, trace simple Christmas patterns, such as bells, stars, Santas, and stockings, on a white tablecloth.

4). Buy plain red or green place mats. Attach Christmas bows, ribbons, or small wooden ornaments by using a hot glue gun.

5). Take popcorn, cereal, cranberries, beads, etc., and string them. Hang the garlands everywhere.

6). One great idea is to create a cookie wreath centerpiece for your table. You just need to attach Christmas cookies in a wreath shape on the table cloth. Don’t attach them to anything as everyone will want to nibble at them. You can even place a pillar candle on a small plate in the center of the wreath.

7). Create a Christmas collage by cutting pictures out of old Christmas cards and by gluing them onto a piece of poster board. You can either frame the poster board or simply hang it on the wall.

8). One of the classic Christmas decorations is to hang false or fresh mistletoe everywhere.

Use these tips and ideas to make your Christmas celebrations even more enjoyable and memorable.

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