One of the most decorative food elements at your reception and in several occasions and events is the cake that is, sometimes, also the welcoming focal point when guests arrive.

Cakes come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. If made properly, they are not only tasty and delicious but also can be beautiful and appealing.

However, apart from cake decorations, it is equally important to decorate your cake table for your beautiful and mouth-watering cake.

There are several things to consider while decorating your cake table. Following are some of the great ideas to help you out in decorating it appealingly.

  • Colored linen

If you do not want to use colored linens on your chairs, you can use it for your cake table. The will make a white or cream cake of any size and design stand out, and also it is very inexpensive and affordable as you only need to buy one extra linen.

  • Harmonize with greenery, flowers, and ribbons

Create a floating cake effect by using a wide flowering garland around the base of the cake, or you can simply drape it around the edge of the table as an accent. Use flowers to add colors around the table or on the cake itself. Use ribbons to decorate a cake that has multiple satellites.

  • Create a tulle canopy with white lights

You can get help of a professional to create a tulle canopy with white lights in order to surround the cake. More color can be added by selecting colored tulle.

  • Add accent lighting

Use spotlights to create a dramatic look and make the cake the focal point. You can also create a more vivid look by turning the lights down and using a colored spot lights such as red or blue.

  • Create a backdrop

Create a backdrop if your cake is not in the center of the room. You can use fabric, a large piece of artwork, or a large flower arrangement to create a backdrop.

While decorating the cake table, you need to ensure that your cake gets the attention it deserves. Also, it should be easy for all the guests to see you cut the cake. Therefore, the cake table needs to be in the middle of the room.

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