Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Nowadays, centerpieces have become much more than appealing shower decorations. They not only serve as the major guest gift but also one of the main things that your guests will think about when judging your shower.

Following are a few ideas you may consider to make a unique and attractive centerpiece.

Spa gift basket:

Select a range of soaps, lotions, sponges, and candles and place them together in a nice cane basket or an attractive flowerpot. After wrapping the entire piece with cellophane, tie with ribbons that best complement the shower’s theme colors.

Beach bag:

Similar to the picnic basket idea, a beach bag is also a quick, simple centerpiece. You just need to select a bag that is taller enough to take up less room on the table. Fill the bag with matching sunscreen, towels, a beach ball, and some magazines. Wrap it up in cellophane and tie with a bow.

Picnic basket:

One of the great centerpieces can be picnic baskets. Alone, they are a cute decoration, however when filled, they can be a wonderful gift. Select one and fill it fully with brightly colored plastic dishes, cups, and cutlery. Also, include a colorful blanket, a ball, or a Frisbee. After wrapping it up in cellophane, tie it with a bow to complement the shower decorations.

Wine bucket:

In order to make a wine bucket as a baby shower centerpiece, you need to fill a galvanized metal bucket or a flowerpot with a bottle of wine along with two wine glasses. Give it a finishing touch with an opener, a cutting board and a knife for apples and cheese. Wrapping it up in cellophane, tie it with ribbons to complement your shower color theme.

Mix it up:

If you can’t come to a decision between these and many other ideas, you can use them all. All you need is to stick to a color scheme and make baskets of comparable sizes and price ranges. It will surely surprise you that how your guests select their tables based on the centerpieces.

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