Turn your Old CD’s into Wall hangings

Everyone wants a decorated home with all the comfort of world. Home is a place where peace and serenity is your companion. If you want a wonderful and lavish home then you have to adjust home accessories in the right places and directions. You can make several new things from the old useless material. If you have ideas then go for it and create new things for your home. No doubt decoration accessories are too expensive and it is not affordable for everyone. So there is a need to be an entrepreneur and create thing by you within limited resources. Today you will learn how to utilize your old CD’s.

The things you need are:

• Rectangular jute piece
• Some old CD’s
• Different color of spray paints
• Glue

Take CD’s and clean them with soft cloth and apply spray paint of different color on each CD’s. I used golden, silver, red, yellow and orange. Let them dry and apply second coat of spray paint on each CD. After dried with the help of glue fix them on the rectangular or square jute piece. Make two hooks at the back of the jute piece to hang on the wall. This wall hanging is perfect for the teenage boys and girls. They would love to have this wonderful wall accessory. You can also hang it in your drawing room.

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