Turn Old Dull Furniture into Antique Decoration

Home decoration is an art; you can decorate your home with different accessories. We always try to keep our home neat and clean and throw out our old or unused things in the garbage or put them in the store. But wise person didn’t do this; they create new things with old house hold stuff. Today the idea that I am going to share with you is quite simple but really smart one. You guys will definitely enjoy learning this.
Old furniture looks odd in the home, so many of us put them in our stores. Now its time to utilize that furniture .If you have old and out dated corner table then you can turn it in to antique decoration accessories. This idea is so simple and economical so that everyone can try it at home.

The things you need are:

• Golden color spray paint
• Lacquer
• Old Newspapers

What you have to do, just clean your table with wet cloth and put old newspapers on the floor where you want to pain the table to avoid doted floor then pick up the golden spray paint and spray it in the table completely. Allow it to dry, then apply second and third coat of spray paint. There is no any hard and fast rule to use spray paint. Allow it to dry and then spray lacquer to get new shine. Now it is ready to place anywhere at your home. You can put this table in the corner of your living room and further decorate it by placing several small decoration accessories on it.

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